Saturday, April 19, 2014

Virginia-Cousin Time

When Shannon's parents came for a week they brought his sister's daughter along too! Ginny is right in between Annie & Caroline, age-wise. They all shared a lot of laughs and fun goofy giggly girl time!

One day's play was doctor office. (With real patients instead of dolls!)

Several afternoons were badminton game days. 
A single strand of jute twine across the lane served as a makeshift net. 
This must be girls vs. boy(s).

Jumpropin' Ginny

 American Girl doll gifts from Grandma when granddaughters turn 10.

Lots of time was spent sewing.
Though not long stretches of pensive, focused, somber, calm, sewing.

Ginny taught Annie how to knit a scarf. 

She gifted Caroline & Cora with matching scarves she made during their long drive to Kansas.

The children (plus Aunt Britney) all enjoyed Ginny's walky talkies...playing Spies.

Each gal made pom pom bookmarks for Art class.

They tried out the long awaited microwave popcorn in a bag that was found at our place after we moved in. That is the handiest idea for growing popcorn (which we plan to do), no threshing the kernels off! Too bad the micro-waves kill the good stuff! (So we also plan to de-corn our cobs after harvest for the stovetop popper.)

It was popped for a picnic lunch in the freshly cleaned chicken house (playhouse?) They thought it was grand anyhow!

Caroline even got to ride all the way back to the relative's house with her Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie, and very fun cousin!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

More Grandparents Visit

Shannon's parents, sister, and niece came all the way from Virginia to our house for a week. Grandma brought her bag of sewing tricks to teach the girls.

needle punch is interesting even to Riley

Mom whittling down our mending/altering pile.

Grandpa helped Shannon take down and build fence around the edge of our property.

We slipped in some gametime

and dinner with friends. (We were invited in another home for lunch too, I just didn't take any photos.)

scrumptious chimichangas with fresh cilantro

individual salsa bowls

mozzarella ranch salad

a new take on strawberry shortcake
It was great to have helping hands in our daily work and projects. It was also fun to enjoy a little visiting and making memories at our new place!