Saturday, January 25, 2014

A Month of Christmas Goodies

December was a month scattered with Christmas gatherings involving sweet yummies and treats. Here are a few pictures I snapped of some of the goodies we enjoyed. I can't capture on camera the fellowship in relationships, but food shots can help us remember the sweet times & tastes!

Annie made candy cane cupcakes for sewing class.

We attended a homeschool Christmas Party & Mom's Swap...A great time of passing on our unwanted items & bringing home some new things. I snagged clothing for almost everyone, a tin tea set for the sandbox, and several very nice books! 

The moms
The food
The party
The boys' gift exchange.
Riley passed on his slingshot & pocket knife and was thrilled to receive a bb pistol.

The crafting

A different homeschool group gathered to bake cookies for local public workers. We dipped and dipped and finally dumped pretzels in chocolate, and ended up with a lot of different goodies! We were able to tour the Fire Station and Police Station as we delivered. Fun and education combined!

Cardmaking for the deliveries
An evening Christmas party for the whole family.

Edible delectables
Entertaining stuffed singing animals
Elegant beverage dispenser

The girls & I made cinnamon rolls for our neighbors and our own Christmas breakfast.

And small loaves of wheat bread to put in Christmas boxes for the elderly that we caroled.

We enjoyed our time staying home for a relaxing holiday enabling us to go to a few local gatherings that we often miss because of traveling to be with out-of-state family. We did miss seeing our kinfolk, but are looking forward to making the trip to SC, VA, and OH this spring!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cora is 4!

Cora Ellen turned four years old on December 9. She chose hot dogs for her special supper and wanted to go rollerskating just like Caroline.

Grandma Bowman had sent a Hello Kitty goodie bag for Cora back from VA with Riley & Annie and Mamaw Henderson had picked up some items while they were here in Kansas, so Cora had several gifts to open. Such anticipation and excitement!

Cora did pick her own cake shape (instead of copying Caroline): a train.

Of course princess birthday hats are required for a four year old celebration!

Now for the skating fun....

Meg had a ball pushing the skate helpers around. Then we tried skates on her...hilarious!

Cora graduated to skating without hanging over the skate helper.

Happy Birthday Cora!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Grandparents Visit

Our first visit from family at our new location was Mamaw and Papaw, from Ohio, who arrived the end of November just before our first significant snow of the year! They made it in before the cold came, so the beginning of their stay we snuggled inside reading, relaxing, and sitting by the fire. 

Also arriving was Dad's new Keurig toy, so plenty of hot drinks abounded
How pleased he is with his fresh cup of Green Mountain!
The fireplace happens to be in our bedroom/guest room, so we gathered around the warmth there in the evenings. One night we played Guesstures...

Such good sports! 

We also canned turkey, broth, and pumpkin.

Thanksgiving Dinner was enjoyed in Uncle & Aunt's basement, with cousins and friends.

Another evening we were privileged to attend a large birthday celebration for Cora's playmate.

Happy 4th birthday Maison!

Then we spent a day in Yoder and Hutchinson. A couple hours at Reno County Museum learning & playing...

Their time here included lots of food prep and home cookin'.  Papaw treated us to fries from their garden potatoes. We made apple fritters too; a greasy pleasy meal during the miracle of oil at Hanukkah.  

Another birthday celebration...

..At the coffee shop in Pratt

Mmmm, caramel mocha frappe, triple hot chocolate, smoothie, & Italian soda!
We had a great couple weeks living life together: Mamaw helping Annie with her math, Riley snaring his first coyote of the season in plain sight so we could watch out the front window, Mexican restaurant, Bible Study, Dad's touch up painting projects, Mom's mending, China buffet, etc! 

We love you, Mom & Dad!