Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A Crystal Garden

In school this year we are working through the A Beka science book Investigating God's World. One of the investigator activities we tried was making a crystal garden using liquid bluing (can you believe this was a baby shower gift with cloth diapers before Riley was born over 13 years ago?! uh huh, and I still have it.), ammonia, water, salt, and broken bricks. Here is a photo progression of the crystals forming:

Day 1: Putting green food coloring & green coloring on  1 brick each

Day 2 : white crystals forming on the side of the plate & on top of brick pieces

close-up of 2nd day

A few days later : bottom of plate is crystallizing as well.

After 10 days or so.

2 weeks : no further progress, possibly mold on top of some crystals.

Last photo before discarding.
A small observation project to aid in our learning about God's gift of minerals!

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