Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Basketball and Burial

The beginning of March found us a couple hours from home at a homeschool basketball tournament. Our games started Thursday at 8:30a.m. and lasted through Saturday afternoon.

Mature Miss graced the court a few minutes as a sub, but mostly enjoyed watching her teammates play tough. They placed 5th out of 8 teams in the Jr High Girls A Bracket.

Our Young Man got a little more playing time during his 3 games, even popping off a shot or two. He is more of a nimble, intense player... after he admires the fancy shoes of all the ball players! ("You know, the guy with the such & such brand and certain colored sneakers on?" "Um, no...didn't notice that, I guess.") The Jr High boys also placed 5th.

Their 1st year playing as 7th & 8th graders has been a little rough in regards to adolescence, comparing skill levels, and fitting in. However, our whole family enjoyed the interaction with the other team families at games and at this end of the season Hurrah.

Pizza party and two nights at a motel with a pool makes everyone happy! And if your friends are there...double delight! The littles got in several times throughout the course of our stay, and even the big kids swamped the hot tub the second night. Never mind that it was not heated and out of order! 

They learned a fun new game called link and generally congregated in the courtyard to enjoy each other's company.


I regret to type that a few days before the big tourney we experienced another miscarriage. Just 6 months after our 4th little boy arrived too soon to survive. For some strange reason we had chosen not to tell our children about this pregnancy, and so it wasn't quite as devastating for them, initially.

At the risk of facing condemnation, I'm showing a picture of our miniature Titus Accepted fully developed around 11 or 12 gestational weeks. We have seen all 5 of our miscarried babies, cords, and placentas. We are still puzzled why we continue to experience this, but greatly reverence God's miracle of birth and just how perfectly He forms each soul in the womb.

We placed tiny Titus under the ground in the canopy of the cedar trees. Waiting for the day when we will meet him and see him as God designed him to be. 

It's been a sad time for us, 
but we rest in knowing God will work it all out each faith step of the way.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Fleeting February

Roses to adorn the bedroom mantle.
A Valentine surprise brought home to me from hubby!

Worship banquet with fellow homeschoolers.
Soups, salads, and cookies to decorate, following singing with guitar accompaniment and a devotion entitled "The Fire of God". Plus plenty of time to chat and play ball on the court.

Big C went on a date with her daddy to the Kansas Bluegrass Association event in the nearby big city. She played a song in the Junior Showcase and has been fiddling away ever since (though she loses her sheet music binder quite a bit)!

The occupyings of young active minds...bedroom revamped into a pretend clothing store.

Sledding after the snowfall.

We received a couple of good snowfalls at the end of the month close together. 

 Flipping Saturday breakfast sourdough cranberry muffins.
(We avoid heating the mammoth oven too frequently by "baking" on the griddle.)

Other things that happened in February

Riley emptied his animal freezer and sold to the fur buyer for an end of season clean-out.

He also took the driving test and now has a farm permit allowing him to drive all by himself!

All five children were down with fever, sore throats, etc. for more than half the month. We missed some Bible studies, basketball games and practices...but did make it to a couple pizza parties and overnighters.

We rested and sipped lots of steaming tea February!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Jumble of January

After our nice vacation back east with family, we jumped right back into a full schedule at home.

The Sunflower Tournament took place the second weekend in January. We watched games, sat at the admission table, and observed our son being awarded his first basketball medal (as his team placed 1st)! Most of the rest of the season's games are way away...1, 2, and 3 hours from home. We are finally catching on to the pack lunch/supper plus snacks thing down. And don't eat during the short intermission or you might miss your child's baskets!

We enjoyed some snowy weather and some warm weather within a week of each other!

Riley sat in the tree stand on the last day of deer season (with a borrowed crossbow) and shot a doe right through the heart . We quickly butchered it the next morning as the temperature was so unseasonably warm and we wanted no rotting meat. Since we have plenty of ground venison in the freezer, we made 16 pounds of jerky and the other 26 pounds into stew meat chunks.

We took a field trip with PCHEA to the Historical Museum and the Wildlife & Parks Museum to celebrate Kansas Day.

A new salad recipe was tried (for those pack your lunch moments when lunchmeat is boycotted-by mom, chicken salad is not appreciated-because of its messiness, and pasta salad is abhorred-by everyone; but it is so easy and filling so I keep trying).

Another batch of chicken bone broth was slow-cooked for more January soups.

Other significant remembrances:

We started watching Chuck Missler's series, Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, on Sunday mornings with a small group.

Hubby spent the day with a friend coming and going to Nebraska to check out farm machinery.

We enjoyed a card game night with cousins, chili soup at friends, and a Pizza Hut treat with more friends.

That is January in a Jumble!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

New House Siding

This was our house.

After our 4 month road trip we came home to this remodel project behind an overgrown weedy lawn. (As in it had not been mowed all spring until our arrival in June.)

We finished the interior main room before moving in near the end of a very hot summer. There are a few pictures here and here and here to see the progress.

We planted a north and south tree wind break
We finished digging out the partially dug pond (that is unfortunately still dry).

Then we got ready to side the outside of our house.
We switched out old windows for new.
We enclosed a small triangular dead-space.
We house-wrapped it and painted the foundation.
We installed recessed lighting under the front porch and back patio.

Then the siding began to go on!

And facia and soffit!

(My hubby is especially fond of his lighting expertise over the patio.)

 We painted the front door.

This is our house.

Holiday Time in Ohio Valley

Friday evening sandwiches, salad, & singing with family (plus friends. Surprise!)

A couple days in southern Ohio eating, relaxing, sipping hot drinks, and reconnecting by the wood stove.

father and sons -minus one
A field trip to the Serpent Mound and the House of Phacobs, viewing rocks, minerals, & fossils, newspaper articles of strange phenomena, and peaking my hubby's interest in extra-terrestrial beings.

Baptism... Hallelujah!

More resting, out of the cold. 
Or for the more adventurous...into the snow
It was chilly in Ohio in January!