Sunday, August 25, 2013

Packing Up On Covington-Gettysburg Road, Ohio

July 16, we left home, did a little house item shopping in Wichita and made it to eastern Kansas for the night. Wednesday we arrived at Mom & Dad's at suppertime. After Mom & I returned from our quick weekend in Orlando, we dug in to cleaning out the house! Shannon and Riley helped Dad in the barn, while I helped Mom in the house. We started upstairs in one of the storage closets. Annie had labels for piles: keep, garage sale, Goodwill, trash, charity, family, etc. The children were mostly on their own while the adults sorted, boxed, carried, and burned.

nuisance control

sisterly swinging

finding lots of Mamaw's fun toys

One storage closet after a thorough cleaning

various piles in a bedroom

my old bedroom in organized disarray

another fun game from the closets (plus a gag gift)

the garage awaiting sorting

Dad pleased with Havilah's supper

After a hard days work this tasted as good as it looks!

barn in progress

Shannon's Craigslist trailer project getting filled to take to Kansas

First corn on the cob of the season, thanks Jackie!

Meg's 1st tooth popped through just in time for her 1st corn on the cob!

garden shed clean out

the first of many trailer loads to the garage sale site

(burn pile in the background) pressure washing Grandma Dessie's porch swing that found its way on our trailer load

Annie was in charge of meals (that weren't delivered by friends)

My old gown. Meg would not keep her tongue in for the picture!

Annie, Caroline, & Eden in Grandma Honey's dress-up clothes.
They're hiding water syringes and were spraying the boys.

squeezing in the last few items

homeward bound

sooo tired after sooo much fun
July 31, we arrived back in Pratt County Kansas, back to the motor home, back to our own house project.

Meg is 1!

Meg Elizabeth Bowman turned one year old while we were at Mamaw & Papaw's house in Ohio! Almost 13 years ago, Riley turned one while we were at Mamaw & Papaw's house in Ohio! Back then we lived in Virginia and were out for cousin Megan Lynch's wedding. So both sets of grandparents were present along with Great Grandad Guy, and Aunt Ruth had made Riley a teddy bear gingerbread cake. This time we live in Kansas and were out to help Mom & Dad pack up to move. Upstairs in the storage closet, we uncovered streamers and party supplies, so Annie & Caroline had a grand afternoon decorating for Meg's celebration! Mom's thoughtful friend brought supper, so we could stay sorting stuff as long as possible. Here are some snapshots of the girls' handiwork and Diane's delicious meal of chicken&chip casserole, green beans, vegetables & dip, cornbread muffins, and cherry-oreo dessert. Meg's "cake" was a muffin. 

In the upstairs closet we also found some outfits that I wore when I was a baby, so Meg was gifted with those, and Caroline sewed her a little doll and ball. An evening stroll was in order after supper to enjoy the evening and each other.

I think she liked it! Happy birthday Meg!!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beginning House Remodel

Way back in January, right before we left on the big motorhome western excursion, we had a couple weeks to get started on our recent house purchase remodel.

This is standing in the kitchen looking at the front door.
Shannon knocked out the walls the refrigerator is against and the upper cabinet.

This picture doesn't show the missing walls, but you can see the mess of tearing out!

the outside kitchen wall before

The kitchen skylight leaked and had already ruined part of the ceiling,
so that had to be sealed up while we were absent for 4 months.

I'll miss the light, but appreciate dryness!

This is the other wall Shannon took out to open up our main living area.

I took this picture standing inside the front door

taking out the last of the bedroom wall (kitchen to the right)

All apart, ready to put in insulation, can lights, tin roof, and ceiling drywall.
The Mess
So we loaded the RV, set out for Texas, and left the house project far behind, dangling in the recesses of our mind as we experienced the ultimate relaxed field trip out west!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Weekend In Orlando

Our family left the motor home behind and drove 14 hours to my parents place in Ohio. Shannon stayed with Dad while Mom & I flew out of Dayton early Thursday morning July 18, Orlando bound!

layover in Atlanta

MCI Orlando airport hotel

We took the public bus to our hotel a little ways across town. The driver almost didn't let Meg on without shoes. I hadn't even brought any as she's not walking yet! Good thing we were driving home and wouldn't use the transit back to the airport!

Here is the tower where our room was on the 6th floor.

The Peabody

mmm, late hotel lunch 

the bathroom mirror had a little rectangle television inside

glasses, no plastic cups (and no coffee maker)

robes for our comfort and convenience

view of the pool(s) from the elevator hall

We ventured to Florida for an encouraging, inspiring 25 year company conference celebration. It was a lot of fun and a treat too! The first time for Meg to fly, but unfortunately my camera wasn't accessible on the plane.

naptime in the stroller

evening out with friends and friends of friends

Denny's dining.

Now snoozing in fluffed comfort

waterfall landscaping we walked by each day at the Peabody

our organization attendees
The weather was pleasant, though coolish in the convention center. Surprising to me as I thought Florida in July would be awful humid! These gals are a hoot to be with and we traveled straight through back to Ohio Saturday evening, laughing, sleeping, listening, eating, learning, loving! Enjoying the fact that we feel great and can bless others with the same gift!

The family at home went swimming with cousins, tubing down the river, and out to eat for ice cream.

Can't wait to do it again!