Sunday, August 4, 2013

Beginning House Remodel

Way back in January, right before we left on the big motorhome western excursion, we had a couple weeks to get started on our recent house purchase remodel.

This is standing in the kitchen looking at the front door.
Shannon knocked out the walls the refrigerator is against and the upper cabinet.

This picture doesn't show the missing walls, but you can see the mess of tearing out!

the outside kitchen wall before

The kitchen skylight leaked and had already ruined part of the ceiling,
so that had to be sealed up while we were absent for 4 months.

I'll miss the light, but appreciate dryness!

This is the other wall Shannon took out to open up our main living area.

I took this picture standing inside the front door

taking out the last of the bedroom wall (kitchen to the right)

All apart, ready to put in insulation, can lights, tin roof, and ceiling drywall.
The Mess
So we loaded the RV, set out for Texas, and left the house project far behind, dangling in the recesses of our mind as we experienced the ultimate relaxed field trip out west!

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  1. The beginning of the renovation is always the most stressful part. And looking at all your pictures, particularly the insulation and tin roof problems, it really is stressful. Fortunately, there's a lot of contractors who are very reliable when it comes to these things. Being skillful, professional, and licensed are what we should look for in a contractor.

    Allyson @