Sunday, August 25, 2013

Meg is 1!

Meg Elizabeth Bowman turned one year old while we were at Mamaw & Papaw's house in Ohio! Almost 13 years ago, Riley turned one while we were at Mamaw & Papaw's house in Ohio! Back then we lived in Virginia and were out for cousin Megan Lynch's wedding. So both sets of grandparents were present along with Great Grandad Guy, and Aunt Ruth had made Riley a teddy bear gingerbread cake. This time we live in Kansas and were out to help Mom & Dad pack up to move. Upstairs in the storage closet, we uncovered streamers and party supplies, so Annie & Caroline had a grand afternoon decorating for Meg's celebration! Mom's thoughtful friend brought supper, so we could stay sorting stuff as long as possible. Here are some snapshots of the girls' handiwork and Diane's delicious meal of chicken&chip casserole, green beans, vegetables & dip, cornbread muffins, and cherry-oreo dessert. Meg's "cake" was a muffin. 

In the upstairs closet we also found some outfits that I wore when I was a baby, so Meg was gifted with those, and Caroline sewed her a little doll and ball. An evening stroll was in order after supper to enjoy the evening and each other.

I think she liked it! Happy birthday Meg!!

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