Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Hunting, Baking, Playing Ball

The first days of December were busy for us.

Several evenings, before rifle season, Riley drove the golf cart down the end of the lane to the intersection where his hunting spot is set up in the trees. He is still waiting for the buck.

Riley & Annie's basketball teams held a jewelry/ bake sale fundraiser. Annie made 2 plates of cinnamon rolls for that.

Later in the week we attended a benefit supper for friends whose son has lymphoma. I made a chocolate chess pie & 2 cream pies for that. 

Then we wanted to try a new recipe: focaccia bread. So one evening for supper we devoured almost these 3 focaccias with toppings...Italian cheese, tomato garlic, and apple cinnamon.

South Central Kansas Thunder played their first home game vs. Reno County Sabers. Annie's team lost by 1 basket as it swished through when the final buzzer sounded. Riley's team won by a decent lead. (Maybe 15-20 points? I forget the final score!)

We had new friends over for Friday night supper and games. 

We tied a festive ribbon on our door wreath and got out the little nativity set that used to be my parents'. The girls played for hours with the small figures.

Saturday Annie mixed up cultured salsa with a bucketful of green tomatoes from our garden that had ripened in the garage. We harvested a total of 218 pounds of tomatoes this year!

That evening we ate delicious chili and cookies at our neighbors'. 

December started with bang of busyness! We like activities, but we like quiet times too.

Thank You God for life's variety of blessings!

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