Saturday, December 28, 2013

My First Bow Hunting Riley

My Second Buck

I got a late start and didn't get on the stand until 4:00 pm. I was hoping to see the big buck that I'd watched the night before chasing a doe. 

There was almost no action. 

At about 5:00pm or so a spike buck and doe went across the road about 100 yards in front of me. 

At 5:30 pm I was watching the road for more deer to cross, when all of a sudden I heard leaves crunch from the opposite direction of where I was looking. I looked over and there he was! He came in and stopped 25 yards up wind from me. He was sniffing around like he smelled something fishy. I could see his back legs tense up like he was getting ready to run. He was looking right at me. I just stared back without moving. Then he started to turn slowly keeping his eyes on me. About the time he got turned around and took a couple steps back the same direction he came, a car drove by on the road. While he was watching it from behind a couple small trees, I raised my bow and centered the cross airs on an open place a few feet in front of him. As soon as the car passed he started walking again. As soon as he walked into the cross airs, I grunted with my mouth. The second he stopped, I pulled the trigger. I heard the twang of the bow as he crashed away at top speed. 

I felt good about the shot. So I climbed down from the stand and went to examine the spot where he had been standing. As I looked around I didn't see anything, so I walked down the trail a little. I still didn't see anything. As I walked back I turned to scan the area again and I saw a big splotch of blood on a tree right by where I'd walked. That was all the evidence I needed to know he was hit hard! So I raced to the 4 wheeler and drove home as fast as I could. 

When I got home I changed out of my hunting clothes. Me and Daddy got some flash lights and drove back over to the field in the pick-up. When we got there we followed the blood trail for about 20 feet and found part of the arrow covered in blood. We followed it all the way into some tall grass where we lost the blood trail. So we came home and got the 4 wheeler. When we got back to the field we found where we'd left off and followed the blood trail farther out into the grass until we found him! 

We took a few pictures and then we hauled him back to the truck on the 4 wheeler and brought him home on the pick-up. Then we gutted him out and hung him up in the hangar.

November Everyday Life

What happened around here for 10 days while the oldest 2 children were away from home?

Well, Caroline learned to pop corn all by herself. She successfully fixed herself a snack while I was getting Cora down for a nap. Then did so frequently thereafter!

Caroline & I attended the Wichita Symphony Orchestra Young People's Concert. They performed Peter and The Wolf starting with 14 student violinists and accompanied by dancers from Wichita Children's Theater.

After the symphony, we enjoyed a picnic lunch by a musical fountain.

Then stopped by The Aquarium Store in Old Town (downtown) Wichita. The lady there was quite informative; she made it a field trip stop while you shop!

Later in the week we needed to take finger foods to our homeschool family night and refreshments for a morning homeschool class, so Caroline chose a new recipe : cinnamon twists & braids.

While on the subject of food, we also made 4 dozen rolls to go with soup & salad for a church potluck after devotions. Caroline was initiated well into baking duties while Annie's expertise was absent!

Here are a few snapshots of the homeschool family night evening. I set up displays of the children's schoolwork accomplished so far this year. They weren't ready to perform on stage, but we enjoyed listening to several musical pieces, Bible recitations, speeches, etc. from other seasoned homeschoolers. Caroline did go up with her class to sing a couple songs they had been learning in 3rd-5th grade music. Cora also stood with her peers while they were supposed to be singing with motions in Spanish. The sanctuary lighting wasn't conducive to my camera and decent photos, so no pictures of those moments!

On the last day of  Friday school, Caroline made cell cookies in Botany class. They added toppings as parts of the M&Ms for nucleus, peanuts for cytoplasm, and candy sprinkles for chromosomes. 

Cora enjoyed a pinata celebration. She got the stick 1st since she was the youngest!

Shannon did some grading in our lane and put in a cattle guard to replace the dilapidating cross tie bridge.

And that is how we lived life the beginning of November.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

My First Mall Shopping Experience... By Annie

Friday morning, November 7th, around 9:30 a.m. Grandma and I headed toward Roanoke to go shopping. She was planning to get some gifts for Caroline, Cora, and me. We went to Joann Fabrics first and bought sewing supplies for the sewing basket Grandma had already gotten me and I got some stickers.We were in Joann's about 2 1/2 hours shopping. We ate at Chipotle's. Grandma ordered a  chicken salad and I got a chicken burrito.Then we went to Dollar Tree. I bought some cards and caramels for Mamaw, my other Grandma's birthday. Grandma also got some cards. Next we made a stop at Sweet Frog. I filled up my cup with strawberry and vanilla ice cream, gummy worms, mini chocolate cups, butter finger pieces, and nerds on top. 
Then we went to Target and hit the $1 items: cards, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chapstick, notebooks, and pens. Goodwill was next. I ended up with 2 jumpers, 1 shirt, and 1 sweater. Grandma got clothes for Caroline, Cora, and Meg. We drove to JC Penny's and Grandma returned something. To top the day off we went to A.C. Moore. I purchased stickers and glittery letters; Grandma got cardstock paper. We made a stop to get feed for guineas. Then headed back to Grandpa and Grandma's house.

Grandpa and Grandma, Grandpa Guy, and the Reeds had a birthday supper for Riley and me. We ate fish, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, salad, and pumpkin cake for dessert. From Grandpa and Grandma I got: a sewing basket, big scissors, little scissors, decorative pins, dressmaker pins, multi-colored pins, seam ripper, buttons, safety pins, thread, snaps, magnetic pin cushion, fabric to make snap purses, chipboard buttons, and chapstick. From Grandpa Guy I got $10 and from the Reeds I got ankle socks. It was a fun and an eventful day and a delicious yummy supper!

Caroline is 8!

Caroline chose the flower cart for her birthday cake. She helped Annie mix up the batter and she helped me decorate (lots of candy)!

Caroline also chose her special supper menu...

Riley and Annie left for Virginia to be with grandparents the morning of Caroline's birthday, so we celebrated the night before AND a few nights later at the roller skating rink.

Caroline made these treats to share with her friend Josie & family Friday night at Rolla Rena Skate Center in Pratt.

It took the new skaters quite awhile to get used to having wheels on their feet. There were many spills and scrapes til the night was over! And lots of laughter too!

Cora puttered around with the nifty rolling skate helper and stayed mostly upright.

It was certainly a night to remember!

When Riley & Annie returned from their trip, they brought more packages for Caroline to unwrap. She had fun & anticipation for several weeks! 

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Kitties & Kiddos

Frosty, our very tame white cat, doesn't mind Meg's rough affection.

Our newest kitties are sisters. Susie is long haired; Rosie has short hair.

One of Annie's friends in Ohio wanted to see her cats, so we took a few pictures of her with them. Meg is so fun to observe, so I added her & her cat antics into this post too.

We have another cat, Calico, who is quite elusive. I thought this was her disappearing into the shop, but it was one of the twin felines. Calico & Frosty both hang around our back sliding door in the evenings.