Sunday, December 1, 2013

Oil Pastel and other Art Projects

This school year we are starting out Art class with oil pastel projects. I had picked up some pastels used and bought new several years ago and they still sat in the drawer for someday, someyear... which turned to now. Yay! Use up what we have before buying more stuff. I found some simple projects online to use as a reference for our once a week creative school time.

Monarch Butterfly

Oil Pastel Birds with Watercolor Wash

Layered Flower Card

Folded Fall Leaves

Stained Glass Tissue Paper Windows
(since we are studying The Middle Ages in history)

Pattern Pastel Flower

I enjoyed art in school and sometimes find it hard to fit into our busy days, but always love the various finished products! 

Thank you God for your blessings of creativity!

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