Saturday, December 28, 2013

November Everyday Life

What happened around here for 10 days while the oldest 2 children were away from home?

Well, Caroline learned to pop corn all by herself. She successfully fixed herself a snack while I was getting Cora down for a nap. Then did so frequently thereafter!

Caroline & I attended the Wichita Symphony Orchestra Young People's Concert. They performed Peter and The Wolf starting with 14 student violinists and accompanied by dancers from Wichita Children's Theater.

After the symphony, we enjoyed a picnic lunch by a musical fountain.

Then stopped by The Aquarium Store in Old Town (downtown) Wichita. The lady there was quite informative; she made it a field trip stop while you shop!

Later in the week we needed to take finger foods to our homeschool family night and refreshments for a morning homeschool class, so Caroline chose a new recipe : cinnamon twists & braids.

While on the subject of food, we also made 4 dozen rolls to go with soup & salad for a church potluck after devotions. Caroline was initiated well into baking duties while Annie's expertise was absent!

Here are a few snapshots of the homeschool family night evening. I set up displays of the children's schoolwork accomplished so far this year. They weren't ready to perform on stage, but we enjoyed listening to several musical pieces, Bible recitations, speeches, etc. from other seasoned homeschoolers. Caroline did go up with her class to sing a couple songs they had been learning in 3rd-5th grade music. Cora also stood with her peers while they were supposed to be singing with motions in Spanish. The sanctuary lighting wasn't conducive to my camera and decent photos, so no pictures of those moments!

On the last day of  Friday school, Caroline made cell cookies in Botany class. They added toppings as parts of the M&Ms for nucleus, peanuts for cytoplasm, and candy sprinkles for chromosomes. 

Cora enjoyed a pinata celebration. She got the stick 1st since she was the youngest!

Shannon did some grading in our lane and put in a cattle guard to replace the dilapidating cross tie bridge.

And that is how we lived life the beginning of November.

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