Saturday, July 8, 2017

Camping at Cheney Reservoir State Park

We had one weekend that seemed to work for a camp trip this spring, between graduation and wheat harvest and new baby arrival, and it was a weekend with rain! Since the wetness was just Friday night, we opted to go ahead and camp one short night anyway. We left first thing Saturday morning so we'd have all that day besides Sunday. It turned out to be beautiful weather! A little on the cool side, but just right for a campfire to warm up to.

 Back on the road again! On the way to our first camp trip of the year.

Riley and his buddies left earlier and got the fire good and hot for us. They had evening plans so they went home late afternoon to get back after plowing bikes through flooded parking lots and roasting hot dogs.

The rest of use enjoyed  a bike ride or two as well. Those giant puddles were so alluring!

Cooking over the fire and cousin time make for fun memories!

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