Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Month of May's Homestead Harvest

1 of 3 patches of turnips. The tops are tasting yummy at this tender stage.

1 of 2 spinach patches. It came up really well this year, but has went to seed quickly.

Sugar snap peas

lettuce blend

green bean rows

Raspberry brambles. Maybe next year we will transplant to nice rows and trellis.

Easter Egg and French Breakfast radishes. The Easter Egg have outperformed this year. The seeds were both saved from last year's crops that went to seed.

cut lettuce and spinach

In May we harvested 9 1/4 pounds of produce, counting mulberries picked off the tree.
Radishes, spinach, lettuce, chard, turnip greens, and cilantro were our fresh goodies.

And Riley shot a couple turkeys that filled 10 quart jars of meat and 18 quarts of broth.

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