Saturday, January 4, 2014

Deer Processing

Riley was pretty pumped when he got his nice 10 point buck! He went down the road to his tree stand the following evening and killed a doe. Two in a row!

Ready to go back to the hunting sight to retrieve deer #2. The rest of us followed in the pick up.

Here's the doe, weapon, & hunter.

She was a bit heavy to load on the rack of the 4-wheeler

Riley is filling out the tag while the girls catch his contagious excitement

The weather warmed up, making it time to butcher the meat hanging in the hangar.

oooh dead animal parts, a.k.a. trapping bait

In the garage, all hands on deck: hacking, cutting, trimming, slicing!

Riley cleaning the bottom jaw

and boiling the skull clean.

Venison sliced for jerky in the dish and roasts bagged for the freezer.

Marinating jerky and oven-dehydrated finished chewy pieces.

Back in the garage, grinding burger.

We seasoned about half of the venison for Summer Sausage & Breakfast Sausage.

Everyone wants to be part of the processing!

Riley's boiled buck heads. This year's & last's.

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