Saturday, October 19, 2013

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Our state homeschool association conducted a special TPA Zoo Safari Day at the Sedgwick County Zoo. We planned to attend for a fun family day. I also received an email that touted free doughnuts from Krispy Kreme on Pirate Day, which happened to be the same Thursday that we would be in Wichita! Hurray for a double deal! Our family nominated "Daddy" to be the sea robber (in case they asked any hard or scary he is really good at shooting from the hip & being funny). However little Cora did not want to miss out on the dress-up occasion. So here are the buccaneers ready to plunder the doughnut shop.

Cora wasn't exactly sure how to make a scary face!

Shannon didn't want to travel 11/2 hours in his costume, so we assembled after arrival in the parking lot. Cora forgot her eye patch at home and we improvised with a baby headband in the diaper bag.

Shannon was the only one of our family that had ever been inside a Krispy Kreme store, so we paused to watch the assembly line of doughnuts being flipped and fried (and thrown away if they weren't perfect, gasp! sigh!).

Here are the Bowman pirates ready to demand the bounty! 
The employees barely batted an eye, but the customers gawked! Several moms with their under school age children dressed as cutesy pirates were impressed with the real-looking one!

Very quickly the doughnuts were snatched (before I could even take a picture of the whole dozen)!

Hot, original glazed...A sweet treat for sure! Worth the effort and memories!

Now on to the zoo!

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