Saturday, November 2, 2013

Indian Summer Days

Saturday September 28th we drove south to Medicine Lodge and Indian Summer Days. Caroline and Cora have always notices inflatables and thought they looked sooo fun, so this day they were able to jump to their heart's content for a couple of hours! Riley and Shannon explored the 1950's safari themed Gun Room in an 1880's building on Main Street. Annie and I browsed through the local thrift shop. 

There was a couple of smalltown magic performers that did some goofy things. Riley learned from this man how to put a nail straight back into his nasal cavity and slowly pull back out as a slimy surprise joke. (Comment on this post if you've seen him do this! ;))

After a taco eating contest, there was a hay scramble for children 4 years old and younger. It actually was rather difficult for them to locate candy on the bottom! 

We all walked to the park to observe the Keeper of the Plains Pow Wow. The Indians were dancing a welcome dance with their drummers.

Later one Native American danced to a country song.

We watched the short parade and ate at the hot dog feed for supper. Then went to our first ranch rodeo. It was quite amusing to watch the ranchers lasso a cow and milk her into a bottle as fast as possible! They also corralled calves and rode bucking broncos!

And that was our experience at Indian Summer Days!

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