Saturday, June 20, 2015

Butchering Chickens

We bought the chicks weeks ago.
They were fed and watered well
by a teenage boy, sometimes slow
as he paused to just observe.

Animals have been his niche;
poultry in particular.
He even liked to skin them whole
hanging from the tractor.

Altogether twenty-two
Cornish Cross were butchered.
Four died, although a few;
too many to my liking.

Dad set it up, the meat bird center.
All the family gathered.
We'll enjoy the meat in winter,
with noodles in butter slathered.

Each one has his special part
in butcher assembly.
Girls while degutting found a heart
and lesson in biology.

Dad chopped off heads, son cut off feet.
We hosed off birds and table.

Got it done before the heat,
cut, weighed, and labeled.

130 pounds later
garage freezer stocked
$1.08 per pound is what
we calculated the cost.

But family-time cannot be measured
by cost per pound at least.
Learning times like these we treasure
and on the food we feast.

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