Wednesday, November 18, 2015

October Garden

The October garden was low maintenance, but high yield, according to weight. Since our jars of canned pumpkin are dwindling and we harvested scrawny slips of sweet potatoes last year, those two "crops" we planted, and they've flourished, hopefully providing our family with sustenance this winter.

Everybody joined in on the potato digging, discovering, sorting, and storing.

The Fairytale pumpkins didn't quite turn orange, but we've eaten them green in year's past, and the flesh was deep orange and super-sweet!

This mystery pumpkin grew well and turned out quite pretty. I seem to have saved the seeds from somewhere and described them as a sweet yellow-ridged pumpkin.

Calendula blooming yellow and white mums budding out...

A bit of lettuce is growing from the late planting and we shall enjoy fresh greens next month!

Jalapenos sliced and canned, thanks to my parents' kind efforts while they were here a few days.

Produce Harvested in October: 497 pounds

Including 120 pounds sweet potatoes,  97 pounds watermelon, 91 pounds of red & green tomatoes, and 78 pounds of pumpkins.

Hurrah for fall!

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