Sunday, January 3, 2016

To Be Six Like Cora

If you were turning six years old, like Cora, you would be very excited to be having a birthday.

You would want to decorate the supper table all by yourself. And even tape a pretty party flair to the ceiling. Of course you would want the party hats from the "birthday tin" too!

If you were six, like Cora, you would pick your special supper to be hot dogs, macaroni & cheese, Ranch chips, and pop. Then you would be too full to eat your birthday cake, so you would beg to open your presents before dessert. (Even though you had asked to open a present at breakfast and lunch already.)

You would be tickled pink to have gifts from both out-of-state grandparents and even your big sisters, besides Mama & Daddy. You would promptly put on any new clothing, even if it didn't match.

If you were Cora's mama, you would take a picture of the magazine recipe cake icing because it was so creamy and made so much and wasn't grainy!

But, If you were Cora, you would eat more candy than was put on the snowman cake to decorate it. You might choose a cake because of all the candy on it, or you might choose it because your birthday is in the winter.

You would momentarily pose with your siblings and cake before returning to your presents and declaring that you are still too full for dessert.

So we will all eat chocolate cake and ice cream for breakfast the next day 
and you will smile with your bedhead and say, 
"I can't wait until I am seven!"

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