Thursday, February 25, 2016

Random Photos in January

Some photos just don't need any description...

And some need a little more explaining...

Ohio cousins come to visit! The game of "occupation" occupied the morning.

 A walk-through of the Pratt Historical Museum filled the afternoon.

Coloring books and baths were the evening routine.

Our resident painter finished white-washing the garage ceiling and walls. 

He also added color to dear daughter's room, on a turquoise accent wall.

Christmas coupon redeemed! Ice cream sundae party night was a tasty event.

 Flowers from friends made a refreshingly-lovely table centerpiece for most of the month, reminding us of God's love through relationships: family, spouses, and new friends. Marriage. It is well worth investing time to learn how to improve, and a blessing to share it with others!

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