Saturday, October 1, 2016

Ellensburg, Sunnyside, & Othello, WA ~Alaska Trip Days 48-50

After surviving the Seattle traffic, construction, and weekend mob, we paused in the peaceful valley of Ellensburg for a short visit with Rodney & Elizabeth Hubbard, then overnight at Eric & Lori Leensvaarts.

Meg B. and Meg L.

Their bountiful Gala apple orchard.

Sunday morning we moved on to services at Life Church in Yakima with Dennis & Gaytha Worley, then dinner in their home at Sunnyside.

Mt. Adams

We enjoyed a late Sunday chat with Laban before he left Monday morning for harvest. Zoe had a big weekend and didn't get passed around the girls like they hoped, but Bethany had plenty of dolls and baby paraphernalia that kept them happily occupied. She fixed a yummy breakfast for us, we watched the farmer windrowing onions nearby their house, then we drove on.

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