Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Days

January ended with snow and February began with more snow! Which means firewood chopping to keep Shannon's shop and our bedroom warm.
Propane prices quadrupled, so we eventually shut off our bedroom vent, closed the door, and now sleep toastily on the living room hide-a-bed.

I hosted a Seed Swap one afternoon. Several ladies did venture out into the single digits to chatter about spring gardening visions. It was nice to get a range of opinions from local experienced gardeners. And acquire some new variety of seeds to try! I chose samplings of Freckles red-spotted lettuce, a Baker Creek heirloom melon, zinnias, cilantro from Mexico, red hollyhocks and more. Sweet potatoes, okra, potatoes, peppers, and tomatoes were mentioned as growing the best in our semi-arid climate. We even briefly covered the topic of sprouted fodder!

More snow fell forming lovely icicles to sparkle in the sunshine. Such cheery brilliance!

After a couple weeks of very cold wintry weather, the temperature rose and we ventured outside once again. Caroline wanted to enjoy the 1st nice day by walking to the mailbox. Little Meg slipped in the slush.

Oops, muddy bottom! 

Goodbye pretty white blankets of snow!

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