Saturday, February 22, 2014

Riley's Room

Over a year ago Shannon tore out walls and a corner mantle/pellet stove to open up our "new" home. Then he enclosed a small portion of that large open area for our boys room, in other words: Riley's domain.

The beginning rebuild

The furnace flue was concealed with enough room for a small closet.

sanding, sanding the dusty drywall in the closet
While in Montana, Riley spent the night with Shannon's cousin's boys in their repurposed barn wood home. It's actually a house, gym, carpenter shop all enclosed in a barn built from old beam lumber. So he wanted something similar in his new room. Unfortunately we do not have access to any old Kansas barns, though we kept our eyes peeled for dilapidated outbuildings nearby!

Riley's room remained half-finished until Shannon procured some boards from an old local granary in December. Now the bottom part of the walls are covered, hurray!

And plenty of boy paraphernalia accumulating until the shelf is hung and bed moved in. Shannon is holding out for his old Virginia bed...Riley hasn't minded a bedroll in the meantime!

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