Saturday, March 1, 2014

More School Art

We are having fun with oil pastels in our Thursday Art class! I'm not sure we're learning much about technique and art appreciation, but I love seeing the uniqueness in design of each child's finished product! Riley would prefer to skip it, but he is cautious and intentional and really quite artistic. Caroline has a creative flair. Annie likes to color, and Cora wants to do just like her big siblings!

layered landscape

lines of motion

my favorite: colorful circles

skiing snowman
winter cardinal

Then we got sidetracked with a library book, Fabric, Paper, Thread. 

watercolor & pen postcards

boy row on the left, girl row on the right
Caroline wasn't able to make the postcards, but a little later, she created her own praise posters and taped them to the cabinet doors.

And proceeded to decorate the rest of the room with dangling sailor boats/hats! It was a fun surprise to walk into this colorful house after being gone for a few hours one afternoon.

Praising God for the gift of creativity!

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