Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tinker General

The little shed behind our house has been fashioned into a shop. After Shannon has worked two days at a local auto repair shop, he's home for the rest of the week to tinker to his heart's content. 
Sometimes on little jobs...

...sometimes on larger longer projects.

But almost always greasy grimy and a mental challenge.

This car was at least a pretty piece hanging around our backyard!

There are a few perks to the mechanic wife's life. Like taking the various machines for a spin.

The girlies really liked this electric scooter!

Big or small, we take them all
Give Tinker General a call!

Shannon transported the long windmill pole from our old place in Sawyer, with visions of generating power up on the gentle rise at northeast 30th Avenue. 

And fixed the timing on Annie's (my old) sewing machine.

Wait! That's not Tinker General...that's tinker Daddy!

-Gotta love God's gifting in each person-

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