Saturday, March 15, 2014

A View of Valentine 2014

The weekend prior to Valentine's Day we were invited to brunch with friends. The table was set so pretty -in- pink!

Valentine's evening Shannon 'picked me up' at 5:30pm for a stroll in the park before a Mexican dinner. He had it all planned and didn't even ask me for preferences (phew! escaped a hard decision)! Below is our Valentine special served.

We arrived home quite early for a date, so chatted in the truck for quite awhile. Upon entering the house, Shannon directed me to the bedroom where a lovely table for two was set with a rich & creamy dessert by the crackling fire! (What a romantic surprise!!)

Caroline added her artistic touch with a dangling sign over our bed
A special night to tuck away in our hearts to remember. 
(And that dessert was YUMMY!)

Later the next week we helped host a homeschool Valentine party.

Annie mixed up sugar cookies to decorate there.

We had a heart chain craft that could be made into a wreath.

A game for the younger children: Blinded By Love...drawing a heart while blindfolded.

Also the candy relay of unwrapping a piece with mittens on.

A season of dainties & pretties
of sweets & sweethearts
of friends & fun!

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