Monday, March 3, 2014

Trapping Season 2013- Riley

The first set I put out in November was a deer carcass staked up the hill from the house with a foothold trap in front of it. It produced a coyote on the 5th night. 

The next set to produce was a dirt hole out on the milo field a 1/4th of a mile from the house by an oil field drive. It caught a coyote a couple weeks after the set was made. 

A few weeks passed, by that time it was the middle of December, and I hadn't caught anything else, so I made a dirt hole behind the shop where Daddy works about 5 miles down the road. It produced a coyote the first night. 

The next catch was the beginning of January: a bobcat in a snare on the edge of a grass field by some trees about a 1/2 mile from the house. 

It went about 2 more weeks and I caught a coyote in a snare a couple hundred feet away from where the bobcat was snared. About three weeks later I caught another coyote in a snare ten feet down the trail from the previous coyote. 

It went a little while... One day I went with Daddy down to Sawyer to work on something at the farm where he used to work, and saw lots of coon tracks. I set three traps. One connected with a coon the first night. There was nothing for a couple more nights, then a coon opened the connector on the trap chain and got away with the trap. Several days later we were back down at Sawyer. I set two more traps to make it three again. About a week later one connected with another coon. During that time on a trip to Sawyer, we picked up a coon that had been hit on the road. That was the day before season ended. 

The next week after season ended we took everything to the fur buyer. I got $125 for the bobcat, $25 each for two coyotes, and $12 for one coyote. As for the other two; I messed one up trying to skin it while it was frozen and had to throw it out, the other one was too mangy to keep. I got $20 for one coon, $14 for one coon, and $7 for one coon. I'm happy with what I got this season. Next season I hope to catch 10 coyotes, 3 bobcats, and 15 coons.


  1. Way to go Riley! Well written post too! Hope you meet your goal next year! Mamaw

  2. Cool bobcat !! Have you asked my dad, Charles, about the bobcat he got a couple years ago? :)