Tuesday, March 25, 2014

School Days, School Days, Dear Ole Golden Rule Days...

I'm not sure what sparked the idea, but I thought it would be interesting to take a snapshot of the contents in each child's school desk. 

So here's a fun visual of Alexander Riley, grade7

Annie Rose, grade 6

And Caroline Mae, grade 3! -Yikes!-

Science Project.
Annie was gifted with a bath bomb kit quite awhile ago and had never completed it. One day for science class the children made the glittery fizzy flowers.

She has yet to try them in the tub, but Annie says she is going to tonight!

Cora started coloring on an edge (instead of folded) corner, and so created an X instead of a diamond. She is so squirrely! Her mischievousness is starting to appear in snapshots. (This was the most civilized of 4 pictures!)

Leisure Time (schole) Art. Did you know the Greek meaning of school is leisure/free time?!

Caroline and Cora love to paint. Partly because of age and partly personality! Cora is very much into whatever Caroline does, including what she doesn't do. ("Caroline doesn't have to clear off the table!, Caroline didn't put her coat on!", etc., etc., etc.)

It certainly is nice to have something to keep small hands busy and young minds ever-learning!

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