Saturday, June 22, 2013

Montana Sunday

Sunday June 9 we attended NC church services in John & Connie Reece's basement. Uncle Danny talked kindly from Colossians 1. After service was a hot & cold dish potluck, including huckleberry ice cream. Mmmm. We stayed until 5pm or so. Riley went home with Sawyer and spent the night with the Hess's.

arriving at John's

phenomenal view 

the big girls game in the kitchen

Dutch Blitz in the dining room

Lily & Caroline rode bikes awhile

scary storytelling time

After supper at the Lynch's, we struck off on a walk down their road (turned lane). The girls picked up hiking sticks and creatively used them the whole time.

we stopped here and turned around

pointing out homes in the valley below

coming up the home stretch, hurrah!

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