Sunday, June 16, 2013

Springs of Hope Creamery

Wednesday afternoon we arrived at Springs of Hope Ranch where Jason & Kendra Rinehart have been volunteering for 6 months. Jason needed to milk that evening, so we observed the operation. He milked 17 Brown Swiss in about an hour.

the dairy barn

Jason attaching the milkers

Riley & Jadyn preparing  feed rations

center stall with window to the milking parlor

dairy product refrigerator case

hutches for calves or children?

Cora fit right in adventuring with Noah & Tyrel

the little ones spent a lot of time playing in the small creek that was piped under the road

After supper the older children played basketball and rode ripsticks in the shed while the rest of us took a hike up behind the houses on Goat Mountain. The 'Blue Gate' trail.

Thursday morning the milk was bottled for the next day's deliveries.

fresh, raw milk in the bulk tank

Aaron & Janae filling milk jugs

Kaylyn & Jadyn labeling the jugs to be filled

2 ways are vital for communication between
ranchhouse, cabin, milk barn, administration building, & 4 wheelers
They gave us milk and yogurt that we enjoyed with our breakfasts during our week stay here. It is deliciously rich!

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