Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dave & Carla's

Sunday May 12 we went back, for the 3rd day in a row, to the Zillah Brethren meetinghouse, this time for a Dunkard Brethren / New Conference church service. Afterwards, Merle Brovont shared some very sweet appreciative words with all who attended. They had provided a nice dinner so we stayed & enjoyed and also mingled. Back to Shane's for awhile before supper plans at Dave & Carla Kuns'. 

the side of Dave's house

trying to capture the sun on the distant mountain ridge

Cora and Lacy

Carla gave Cindy and me a tour through her garden. I love to see growing things and how every person creatively expresses through God's nature. Plus I keep forgetting it's not still February -because that's when we left home! 

pretty paver pathways beside herbs, veggies, and flowers

Carla and Cindy
The men roasted hot dogs over the fire. Later Dave popped corn over it as well. Delicious!

Shane makes for such great photo ops! He's a great sport. Here he is trying to eat a baked bean sandwich? without getting messy. (I just happened to be right across the picnic table observing him.)

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