Saturday, June 15, 2013

National Bison Range

Tuesday May 28 we drove to the small Amish bulk food, bent & dent, deli, Mission General, in St Ignatius. Sampled unique cheeses like sweet blueberry, cranberry, and pizza. Purchased smoked cheddar and a few other items. In the evening we took 2 vehicles up on the Bison Range, just a few miles from Uncle Danny's house. 

Flathead River on the west side of the Range

our 1st spotting of wildlife, mule deer in velvet

a bison just above us on the bank 

this one turned and bucked at us as we went past
Aunt Shirley was driving our van with her mother in the passenger seat. After we observed a buffalo charging the car of men in the lead, she was anxious to pass by. Sure enough he swung his burly head toward us too, and A Shirley peeled out in the process of getting past! She asked, "Were you scared Granny?" To which her mom softly replied in a lilting Virginia accent, "Well, I weren't none too comfortable!"

more beasts & babies in the road

How tight is that wheel grip?

Mom & Dad

On top looking over St Ignatius

Riley & Annie stayed back to play Monopoly. They didn't know what they'd miss!

pronghorn antelope

elk foraging near the water

By the end of the drive, we had seen approximately 2 dozen deer, 12 elk, 6 antelope, and 100 buffalo & calves. What an adventure!

double rainbow after the rain

sunset behind the Lynch place

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