Thursday, June 6, 2013

Last Day at Shane's

We arrived Friday May 10, and left Saturday May 18...a fun-filled busy relaxing week! Shannon helped Shane a few days at work, finishing out the inside of a sunroom. Cindy and I organized and decluttered the basement and kitchen. Riley went with Hank to his seasonal job of irrigating the neighbor's wheat & hay fields and animal chores. Nikita and Annie were in charge of a lot of meal prep and crafted cards. The younger children had great fun mixing water with sand or dirt outside and generally staying occupied and filthy. :) It was a grand time! 

Turner family: Shane & Cindy, Hank, Nikita, Brandy, Aspen, Lacy, Hunter

They loaded us with many benefits...lunchmeat, ground meat, bread, mayo, apples, kiwis, tomatoes, chips, lemon pies, mangoes, iced coffee packs, and refill of bulk grains. Thanks Ya'll! 

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