Friday, June 7, 2013

Weekend in Ellensburg, WA

After leaving Toppenish, we drove through the Yakima Canyon, about an hour, to Ellensburg. We had lunch plans at Carlan & Beth Wray's. There we learned a little about the meaning of names and got to know their family better. Plus see the new baby, Shoshana Joy. 

We parked the motor home at Rodney & Elizabeth Hubbard's. They had us inside for a fantastic feed for supper, and breakfast. Annie has been pen pals with their daughter Chloe for a couple years. She was very excited to spend a few days at their place! Saturday afternoon the girls rode horses. Riley and Clarence immersed themselves in The Construction Game. They are like us...1 boy, 4 girls, in that order! :)

8 girls gathered around the kitchen bar

Sunday morning breakfast

Cora loved this tiny high chair...more than the boiled egg

mmmm, breakfast,
before the fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon raisin sourdough bread

toy room

the girls liked games too

how many hours were you in here?

Sunday morning we followed Luke & Deb Selby to Ellensburg Christian Fellowship. We had a nice time of prayer, singing, and teaching on grace, Titus 2. We enjoyed getting to know some of the folks who attend there at the fellowship meal after service. Back to Luke's for the afternoon. Two more families came over for supper at the Selby's. 

dads on the side porch...

...while moms prepare supper

One portion of the children.
Little girls love little tables!

Luke & Deb
Later that night, we attended Cascade Valley NC service. Merle Flory preached about being filled with the Spirit, in recognition of Pentacost.  

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  1. Oh! Thank you so much for the picture of my good friend Deb! I miss her so much and was thrilled to get to see her! It's amazing how many people and things you were able to see! Next time you better turn that motor home East!! :) Lana