Monday, June 24, 2013

Traveling East Through Montana

We left the Danny Lynch residence Monday afternoon with more material blessings...clothes for Caroline that Joanna had outgrown, and sweet memories tucked away for future remembrance. About 15 minutes away, we stopped at Arlee, MT and picked up a 5 gallon bucket of honey. Here's the little outdoor stand that runs on an honor system.

the beehives to the side of the honey lane

Driving east on 90, we turned off onto highway 1 to loop by Philipsburg and Georgetown Lake on our way to Yellowstone. Most of the shops were closed till we got to the small little mining town, so our stop was just long enough to walk along the main street and peer into store windows. There were several gem shops selling beautiful polished stones and items crafted with the sparkly rocks. Riley was sacked out on the motor home bed, so he missed the touristy walk.

the 1st bear we've seen

After leaving Philipsburg, the road started climbing quickly. It has been fun to see elevation on our GPS, but I didn't note it, and I forget how high we were!

unique coloration of rock
The temperature was quite a bit cooler up high. We considered staying in one of the Deerlodge National Forest campgrounds, but it was almost cold and they were very basic for the price, so we motored on through rain showers to Butte and slept in a truck lot. How scenic, eh? But it was free!

Georgetown Lake

Tuesday June 11 we continued on interstate 90, briefly stopping at Three Forks to pick up Montana wheat (and cinnamon rolls using treat $ from a friend), then turning south on 89 to the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park. At one point I looked up front to see Shannon & Riley nodding their heads in rhythm and chewing gum to the beat of the old Statler Brothers song: "I believe He died for me, so I believe I'll live for Him. I may not do it right, but I'm gonna try! Wherever He may take me is better than where I've been. I believe He died for me, so I believe I'll live for Him!"

everybody is holding something except for ? she was not too happy
Here is some of the scenery driving on 89 toward Wyoming...

dubbed the devil's slide; it did look rather scary
And next the great big vast national park, Yellowstone!

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