Sunday, June 16, 2013

Perkins Lake, Kendall & Mary's

Friday May 31 

Chai tea Kendra served mid-morning


Moriah couldn't wait until after lunch for her nap,
sacked out right in the bedroom/laundry room doorway

what a great toy

Kendra slicing it up for lunch

lunch in the cabin: yummy sandwich loaves and veggies & dip 

afternoon fishing  at Perkins Lake 

Annie & Kaylyn reeling them in

Danielle, Kendra, & I walked down the road about a mile to check on the  fishermen

Jadyn in his element

Jason filleting 4 Crappie and 1 Bluegill

northern Idaho

supper and fellowship at Kendall & Mary Deaton's

little people's trampoline fun

Deaton residence
there were many deer grazing in the pasture just beyond the house

Riley learned to flip

Mary in her kitchen after supper clean-up 

 a night to remember with fondness

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