Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Glacier National Park

We arrived at Glacier National Park Wednesday evening June 5. Found a campsite, ate a quick supper, then piled in the van to take a night wildlife driving excursion. (Because it was growing dark, my photos are not super clear and bright...the camera has gotten a tremendous workout on this trip!) We drove up Going-to-the-Sun road as we far as we could before it was barricaded closed. Then we got out and walked a boardwalk trail past the iceberg blue Avalanche Falls. On the 14 mile drive back to our campsite we stopped on the pull-offs by several river rapids and much water! I love it...the thundering sound, the fresh smell, the cool favorite park so far!

one of the overlooks

spraying on the rocks

(to the right) the root structure of a tree that had fallen over

Avalanche Fall

Lake McDonald Lodge

Thursday morning we walked from our campsite to the Apgar Village, where the visitor center is located, so the girlies could accomplish another Junior Ranger program. A warm, beautiful day!


Lake McDonald

Caroline wanted to watch the kayaker embark

Even 3 year olds could become jr rangers!

We stayed on the west side of the park, so our great expectations of bear spotting were not met. We did drive out a different way, north, and hiked a short portion of Huckleberry Nature Trail. It was hot, dry, and we were hungry, so it was a bit of a reward to see a deer right on the path. There were wild strawberry plants blooming on the forest floor of young pines and a few old tall burnt trees. And a chipmunk hiding from the intense sunshine!

As we left Glacier out the west entrance, the road turned to gravel off and on for about 45 minutes. If we had only known! Ah, experiencing the unknown on the road! 

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