Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Wednesday May 15 Shane's and our family loaded into their 12 passenger van and drove past Toppenish to Ramona's place. She is a kind-hearted lady that had allowed several different people to live on her property in travel trailers. The county has asked her to get the place cleaned up and all the folks staying in the campers had to move on. A large assortment of stuff was scattered and piled here and there. We spent all morning sorting, stacking, clearing, and pitching! The children loved discovering buried treasures! 

Ramona had quite an array of chickens and rabbits as well. Occasionally a nest of eggs was discovered hidden under the junk. Even a mama with several chicks were beneath one wood pile. The neighbors across the fence had a backyard full of roosters penned by their legs and in cages circling the yard. There was a crowing commotion all day long!

23 eggs in this clutch

assembly line stacking boards

Aspen, Hunter, & Cora taking a break

Ramona insisted on feeding us lunch: fry bread and chili soup. She had card tables set up and made a place for everyone inside. After we ate, we sang and read some scripture together. 

That evening we went to the Dunkard Brethren Bible Study in Granger, WA.

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