Sunday, June 16, 2013

Quest Aircraft Company Tour

Thursday afternoon, May 30, Jasons and we drove out of the ranch, through Bonners Ferry, south to Sandpoint, ID. We stopped by Millers Country Store before our scheduled Quest Aircraft factory tour.

scene near Bonners Ferry

another bulk food store that I love :)

Kendra & some of the children waiting for the daddys to finish chatting

beginning of the Quest tour

everyone had to wear safety goggles

more interesting for the men

very impressive manufacturing facility

the planes are designed specifically for mission field use:
large payloads, short take-off distance, & they burn jet fuel


the company implements the tithe into their business:
they sell 9 and give the 10th one away to a mission organization
(1 plane costs $1.8 million)

bulletin board of 6 different mission groups that are using their Kodiac airplanes
At work in the mission field

Jeremy & Heidi Wray invited us for supper that evening. As we drove in their lane, we saw a rainbow just above the trees over their house.

Jeremy's place

the view from their house, after the rain

beautiful table spread

the children are on a roll with these board games

Jeremy, Heidi, & family

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