Monday, June 10, 2013

Hospitable Homes

Tuesday May 21 we enjoyed lunch and the afternoon at Jason & Rebekah Mohler's. It was a rainy day, perfect for relaxing with hot drinks inside. Riley and Ethan ventured outside to the small engine shop, riding on a lawnmower turned go-cart. The girls played games and lounged on the bunk beds reading together. It was refreshing to connect with them again, only having met them a week before!

Jason & Rebekah and family
That night we went to Aaron & Heather Long's for Hawaiian Meal and Ice Cream Dessert. Stephen Rapp and Ethan & Lynae Wagoner were there as well. Anthony & Heather Root had planned to come, but since it rained he was hovering in a helicopter over cherry orchards drying the fruit to prevent cracking. That would have been interesting with 3 Heathers together! We had a season of worship answering the homework from Merle's sermon Sunday evening, "What does a Spirit-filled life look like?" And we sang several children songs.

Aaron & Heather and family
Wednesday we geared up to move again, after 4 nights at the Hubbard residence. We said our farewells there (tucked away gifts of lime salt & sourdough starter in the RV) and  headed out in the rain over the mountains. It was too cloudy for pictures of the beautiful Cascade Valley below. However we did get a shot of Riley checking the fuel pump pressure as we slowly groaned over the pass. That was interesting watching the tires turn on the road below! The rain turned to snow on top!

After GPS error and a few turn arounds, we arrived at Daniel & Rebekah Smith's in Yakima for a short lunch visit. They were packing up to move to Michigan in a week or so for his 2 year residency. So glad we could spend more time with them too!

Continuing east, we drove to Shane and Cindy's on familiar roads... 

Toppenish, City of Murals
and saw a rainbow right over their house.

Enjoyed their family a little while before driving to John & Debbie Rumble's near Sunnyside. Don & Nina Miller and Martin & Rachel Holsinger were there for supper as well: authentic enchiladas made by a local Hispanic. We had a nice evening of sharing.

Happy Holsingers

Debbie, Nina & Don

sweet fellowship

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