Friday, June 21, 2013

Chad & Sally's

Saturday afternoon, June 8, we stopped in at Johnny Hess's. They gave us a tour of their barn/house. Then we stood outside by the garden talking for awhile. The girls played on the hammock, trampoline, & playhouse, while the boys explored the animals & pens. We stayed so long we were late to Chad & Sally's in Ronan, MT. Nevertheless, we had a delicious grilled chicken meal with strawberry shortcake for dessert.

Cora liked jumping off the treehouse steps onto the tramp, holding the rope

outdoor dining

melon or rind, Meg doesn't mind

We weren't going to stay too long, since Lily was possibly sick. But she went to bed soon after supper so we chatted on into the night. And the children played more board games! (Wouldn't you know we tucked a stack of them in the RV and they were barely touched.)

A night to remember with the Crists!

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  1. All these pictures of our family has made me smile! So glad you got to visit Jason's and Chad's :)