Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Girls Restaurant Dinner...by Annie

the sign to our restaurant

After breakfast Thursday, I hurried and finished my school. Nikita and I had made menus the day before and then realized that there was quite a few food items that were different so we redid the menus. Around 3 in the afternoon Nikita and I started on the Apple Salad. Then we got the tables all decorated with candles and the paper mache hearts we had made a few days before. Then Brandy and I started wrapping silverware in napkins like they are at restaurants. Our restaurant was named Famous Fixin's. Around 4:15pm we girls started on the french fries, peas, and corn. We dressed up also. Our colors were pink, white, and brown. Nikita seated everyone while I passed out the menus. Brandy was just watching. Each of us girls served a different colored paper that was put at each seat. I served green, Nikita served teal, and Brandy served brown. Our menu was: Crockpot Chicken, French Fries, Peas, Corn, Salad, Rolls, Cheesecake with Blueberry topping, 2 layer Chocolate Cake and Water or Orange Juice to drink. It was very fun!!! We watched  the movie, Walking Across Egypt after everything was cleaned up. 

Mama's plate

Daddy's 1st helping of dessert was kind of skimpy, so we loaded him up!

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