Thursday, June 13, 2013

Laban & Bethany

The long awaited wedding day! We spent all morning getting ready and traveling in town to the wedding site at Richland Community Center, a rented room with tall windows allowing a beautiful view of the Columbia River. I was taking care of baby Meg and missed out on the prime picture moments. Here are a few of my girl gift carriers. 

in front of the (fake) cake 


serving drinks to the the bridal table

smoked chicken caesar salad & garlic bread

U Danny & A Shirley *  Parents of the Bride

Jacob chauffeured the get-away car

After the reception Shannon took Cora to the big playground outside. Caroline & I met up with them for fun zipline swinging! It was a popular park activity, children lining up for rides. 

Caroline in full motion

Cora gaining momentum
The family went back to Hampton Inn to relax after a big social day. Pizza, leftovers from rehearsal & wedding, swim time for the kiddos, and chats with aunts & uncles. It was a great way to wind down the day!

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