Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Horses and Butchering

June 5. One last morning at the ranch. Janae led Morgan around the ring for the children to ride. It took awhile to get through that group of kiddos! Even some adults rode too!

Gina walked down with her twins
Meanwhile Sam hitched up horses to the wagon. As the children piled on, the horses became distressed, so off they scrambled, until the horses took a short calm-down stroll unloaded. Then Trents and we took a turn.

The excitement wasn't over! In pulled the mobile butcher truck and crew. They shot a steer, moved it with a skidsteer from the pen to the truck, then quickly cut off it's head. These guys were fast! We were all gathered around watching with curiosity. They skinned, gutted, and quartered the beef, and beeped the horn as they departed, about 30 minutes later.

We left soon after, headed to Glacier National Park, munching our lunch on the way. What a morning!

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