Tuesday, June 11, 2013

More Turner Time

Thursday May 23 we had one last hurrah at Shane & Cindy's. The younger children loved all the puddles, from the previous days rain...splashing, sitting, & jumping in them and making bridges.

Lacy, Hunter, Aspen, Caroline

(notice the snowy mountain ridge in the distance; I missed a shot of Mt Adams)

Cora drying in the sunshine

Nikita & Annie fixing sausage spaghetti pies for supper

Caroline & Aspen all hosed off & cleaned up; one last hug

We had 5pm supper plans at Butch & Susan Young's, so we drove the hour down to Pasco in the basin. The area homeschoolers and private church school Spring Program was that evening at 7pm. We had just enough time to listen to the songs, poems, and scripture reciting before leaving for the Tri-Cities Airport to pick up Shannon's parents at 8:30pm. We were late, they were early, oops! Delivered them to their overnight hosts, Paul & Leah Millers, then we went back to Butch's to sleep.

This Little Light of Mine

happy reunion

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