Saturday, June 15, 2013

Montana to Idaho

Wednesday May 29, Uncle Danny's took Shannon's parents to the airport in Missoula. We said our goodbye's and traveled northwest back into Idaho. 

more game time

matching girls: Joanna & Caroline

Some road pics of the journey up highway 200 to Moyie Springs, ID.

The road traveled along a wide river in a gorge. We saw a soaring bald eagle. On one portion of the drive, there was a flashing sign warning of bighorn sheep in the road for the next mile. We didn't see see any, but later 3 young ibex scrambled off the shoulder and up the steep mountainside. We were beside several different snowy topped mountain ridges, all part of the Bitterroot Range, but most of the hills were thickly covered with evergreen trees. Just past Troy, MT the incline was just about too much for us! The motor home was chugging at 15mph. We pulled over to let the train of vehicles behind us by. Several miles from Springs of Hope Ranch we turned onto a gravel road...mud puddles, potholes, and dust clouds behind...destination Jason & Kendra's!

sleeping sweeties

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