Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Garden, Fishing Derby, School Pictures

As summer turns to autumn, time in the garden dwindles. Lately a north wind has been blowing chilliness through the backyard and it is much easier to stay indoors!

In August we harvested 211 pounds of produce... 88 pounds of tomatoes, 35 lbs of cucumbers, 20 lbs of carrots, 18 lbs of cantaloupe, and much lesser amounts of green beans, cabbage, turnips, okra, peppers, squash, greens, and herbs. We dug the potatoes too, but they got stashed in the basement before I weighed them. We did eat 14 lbs of them in August.

The garden in September yielded 113 pounds of produce; mostly tomatoes, cantaloupe, and winter squash.

Garden dips for lunch: Texas Caviar, Parsley Pesto, Garlic Chard Dip

The end of September we spent a morning at the Wildlife & Parks National Hunt & Fish Celebration. Annie caught a small blue gill(?) and threw it back in the pond. However, no other girl in her age group caught anything, so she won the new fishing pole prize! 

There were enough prizes for all the children. Annie and Meg got tackle boxes, Cora -a minnow bucket, and Caroline -bait. Riley was busy at the archery range trying to hit the bull's eye or turkey. 

Shannon started enclosing an unused triangle of the house to a make a small bedroom for Annie. This needed to be done before the house gets new siding.

Caroline & Cora played sewing store one afternoon before Meg woke up from her nap and unraveled the yarn and thread, generally destroying their neat display.

freshly laundered shoes and colors
I took some pictures of Riley & Annie for their basketball program booklet.

Annie also wanted her school pictures taken for 2014-2015.  She bought her new outfit with birthday money. Here are a few of her poses.

Caroline started violin lessons.
We had Sunday company twice.
And that wraps up our September!

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  1. What a lot of fun prizes! hooray!

    Love the photo of the shoes and laundry. For some odd reason I love pictures of objects~I love taking these kind of photos~easier to snap than moving objects perhaps?! :)

    I remember playing sewing store with all my Mom's sewing stuff. It was so fun! I especially loved her buttons that were still on cards.