Sunday, October 19, 2014

Autumn Days (Week in Review # 8)

Starting on the first Saturday in October...

Annie sat & sold at Farmers Market in Pratt for the last time this year. She profited close to $200 for her efforts over the whole summer. Plus, to her delight, she had many sweet snacks of leftover cookies, brownies, etc. to munch on.

That evening we attended a potluck parents' meeting after Riley & Annie's first official basketball practice for the season.

Caroline -with Cora's help- created some tepees from the small patch of bambooish type ornamental grass in our side yard. 

Shannon finished the walls and cut out a window hole for Annie's someday bedroom.

We enjoyed some of the lovely weather out-of-doors on an evening walk. The girls picked up pretty rocks and junk metal along the railroad track.

the view as we walked back down the lane
Caroline brought in a marigold bouquet and wanted to have a tea party supper.

She started violin lessons.

We attended a viewing in Hutchinson for a homeschooling friend's father.

The ladies' secret sisters were revealed in our homeschool co-op on a rainy day while the children played ball inside the municipal building.

Shannon and I shared a coffee shop date with cousins on our shared anniversary. 16 years for them, 15 for us!

anniversary gift and secret sister gift
Our family spent the weekend at Fair Haven district camp-out down Turkey Lane. We arrived in time for the cook-off, concocting main dishes from apple-cinnamon brats, Gouda cheese, couscous, and limes. The dessert bag contained gluten free pizza crust mix, gluten free raisin cookies, organic soy milk, and coffee packets.

The judges sampling the first team's meal

the winning plates

Annie's team's dishes

my team: Mediterranean meatballs and caramelized onions & peppers with Gouda lime couscous
(I forget the name of the dessert)... a cherry tart with coffee cream sauce

The big & little kids had great fun bouncing, jumping, falling, and bouncing again.

There were volleyball games, Frisbee golf games, and

photo scavenger hunt games. I was the photographer for this team. We had a list of 10 places to take a picture trying to be creative and keep with the camp-out theme: the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

Fun times with friends, new & old!

Also, of course, an abundance of yummy food!

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