Monday, November 17, 2014

Birthday Celebrations

Happy 9th Birthday to sweet Caroline!

She picked her whole day of menus, rather than just a supper meal. Her siblings weren't impressed with that..uh..favoritism, but they liked eating her food choices!

Dutch babies and fruit kabobs for breakfast.

Biscuits & gravy for lunch, and grilled chicken, butter beans, potato chips, and pumpkin griddle muffins for supper.

Caroline also picked this lamb cake I had cut from a magazine years ago.

When it was completed she named it Cuddles and didn't want to eat her!

Since her grandparents were here visiting from Ohio, she had an extra large gift pile to open, Plus a package came in the mail from the other grandma that very day to add to the heightened excitement! Let me tell you, there was extreme hyperness going on.

Arts & fashion -ooh la la- here comes fancy Nancy Caroline!

Then just a short week later, Grandma Rose celebrated her birthday in Kansas!

Mamaw & her western girls
Papaw treated her (and us) out to dinner.
Check out his fried chicken and Mom's delish salad!

And I just had to include a shot of Annie's Ultimate Sub Sandwich, wowie!

We treated her to some pictures, artwork, and homemade mocha almond ice cream.

Happy Birthday special ones!

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