Monday, March 16, 2015

Fleeting February

Roses to adorn the bedroom mantle.
A Valentine surprise brought home to me from hubby!

Worship banquet with fellow homeschoolers.
Soups, salads, and cookies to decorate, following singing with guitar accompaniment and a devotion entitled "The Fire of God". Plus plenty of time to chat and play ball on the court.

Big C went on a date with her daddy to the Kansas Bluegrass Association event in the nearby big city. She played a song in the Junior Showcase and has been fiddling away ever since (though she loses her sheet music binder quite a bit)!

The occupyings of young active minds...bedroom revamped into a pretend clothing store.

Sledding after the snowfall.

We received a couple of good snowfalls at the end of the month close together. 

 Flipping Saturday breakfast sourdough cranberry muffins.
(We avoid heating the mammoth oven too frequently by "baking" on the griddle.)

Other things that happened in February

Riley emptied his animal freezer and sold to the fur buyer for an end of season clean-out.

He also took the driving test and now has a farm permit allowing him to drive all by himself!

All five children were down with fever, sore throats, etc. for more than half the month. We missed some Bible studies, basketball games and practices...but did make it to a couple pizza parties and overnighters.

We rested and sipped lots of steaming tea February!

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